A  n  g  e  l  o    M  u  r  p  h  y  


A r t i s t  S t a t e m e n t

I paint the everyday mundane objects around me. As an artist the challenge with such a statement is to create a rendering of the familiar in a way that might inspire the viewer to consider objects, changed or transformed through painting. I strive to distil and focus a moment in time, imbued with the illusion of a small drama taking place within the confines of a composition. The process is a creative response to my own observations. An interpretation and appreciation of the Baroque masters informs my own compositions, but at the same time I want the work to be relevant and contemporary. I hope to achieve this with colour, tone and a new understanding and awareness of the Chiaroscuro found in the works of the Baroque painters of the 17th century. For me, it is important to find my own approach to communicate darkness and shadow as well as light and colour. The thrill and passion are in the execution of these works. I want my paintings to confront the viewer with an inspired representation of the ordinary.  


My work continues to be represented by UK galleries and features in art fairs in

both the UK and Europe. My work has featured in group and solo shows

in London, Lincoln, Leicester, Derby, Birmingham and Nottingham.

My work is in private collections in the UK, Europe and the

USA. I continue to undertake private commissions.


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